Daily quiz time amazon quiz answers Today 23 June

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Daily quiz time amazon quiz answers Today

Amazon Conducting Daily quizzes on the Amazon app, Anyone can participate in this quiz on their amazon mobile app and win exciting prizes every day. Here we provide Daily quiz time amazon quiz answers

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✅ Question 1: Recently, England set a new world record for the highest ODI score against which country?

Answer: Netherlands

✅ Question 2: Anik Datta’s movie ‘Apparajito’ is based on the making of which iconic Indian film?

Answer: Pather Panchali

✅ Question 3: Which of these space exploration companies is in the eye of a storm after reportedly violating US labour law in recent layoffs?

Answer: SpaceX

✅ Question 4: what is this iconic sculpture called?

Answer: The Thinker

✅ Question 5: What animal lived at this location untill their forceful removal, leading to protests and a movement for their protection?

Answer: Pigeons

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Daily quiz time amazon quiz answers Today 22 June

The Rap group founded by Oleh Psiuk that won the 2022 Eurovision song contest are from which country?


Which team beat Newzealand in a playoff game to seal the last spot for the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Costa Rica

In news for introducing several reforms, Mohammed bin Salman is the crown prince of which country?

Saudi Arabia

This famous bridge is located in which country?

New York

In which country is this famous Buddhist monastery located in?


Daily quiz time amazon quiz answers 21 June

✅ Question 1: Which team did India defeat in the final to win the 2022 Thomas Cup in badminton?

Answer: Indonesia

✅ Question 2: The Centre’s recent recruitment scheme for Indian youth to serve in the armed forces, shares its name with which movie?

Answer: Agnipath

✅ Question 3: At the 2022 Skytrax World Airport Awards, an airport in which city bagged the best regional airport in India and South Asia award?

Answer: Bengaluru

✅ Question 4: In which European country is this location located?

Answer: Switzerland

✅ Question 5: What is the profession of this famous comic book character?

Answer: Reporter

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