amazon quiz answers Today March 27th 2022.

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Amazon quiz answers today 27th March.

Tupolev Tu-160M, the Russian made strategic missile bomber, is nicknamed what?

A: White Swan

In 2022, Ayesha A. Malik was sworn in as the first female judge of the Supreme Court in the history of which country?

A: Pakistan

Who bagged the women’s singles title at the Syed Modi International Tournament 2022?

A: PV Sindhu

This fast food restaurant franchise was founded in which country in 1965?


This is a visual from which city?

A: Berlin

Amazon quiz answers today 23rd March.

Which Indian sportsperson won the prestigious ‘World Games Athlete of the Year’ for his 2021 performances?

Answer: PR Sreejesh

2. Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh is set to become India’s first sanctuary for what animal?

Answer: Cheetahs

3. Which country is experimenting with an “artificial sun,” dubbed Experiential Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST)?

Answer: China

4. For founding which website which contained leaked US army intelligence was this man arrested?

Answer: Wikileaks

5.The meat of this bird is cooked as a tradition on which festival?

Answer: Thanksgiving

Amazon quiz answers today 22nd March.

1.The Indian government announced to charge what per cent tax, on gains made from cryptocurrencies?

Answer: 30%

2. Which meteor shower, one of the brightest, took place in January 2022?

Answer: Quadrantids

3. In February 2022, which South American country’s constituent assembly formally began debating motions for a new constitution?

Answer: Chile

4. Which of these tennis players is from this country?

Answer: Novak Djokovic

5. In which city in the USA is this iconic movie theatre located?

Answer: Los Angeles

amazon Quiz Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Amazon Funzone Quiz Time Contest?

Amazon quiz contest is a daily quiz available on the Amazon India app. This amazon quiz starts at 11;59 PM. Interested contestants have to answer all quiz questions showing on the app. Those who have answered all the questions correctly can enter into a lucky draw, at the end of that quiz.

How can I win a prize?

You can win a prize after playing a game that can offer you either a guaranteed prize or a chance to enter the lucky draw. In the case of “Better Luck Next Time” you will not be eligible to win any reward from that game.

To win or enter a lucky draw, you must answer all the questions of a quiz correctly. In case if spin and win, tap and win, fun zone jackpot, to win the prize/enter the lucky draw, you must answer the mandatory questions correctly. Some games like Bottle shooter, Road Master, Bubble wipeout offer no reward.

Does entering the lucky draw gurarantee a win?

No, entering the lucky draw does not guarantee a win. It means that you have been added to a list of customers who are all eligible to win. Winners are randomly chosen from this list of customers without any human intervention.

How do i know if i have won a game?

All lucky draw winners are sent SMS/e-mail/notification to intimate their win. Alternately, you can search for ‘funzone’ and click on the “Lucky draw winners” tab and select the month and contest name that you participated in to search for your name.

Guaranteed winners of amazon pay balance receive SMS (on the registered mobile number) within 48 hours once the amount is credited in their Amazon Pay wallet. Guaranteed winners of discount Coupon(s) can collect their coupon at the end of gameplay or visit the ‘your rewards’ section on the Amazon Pay page to collect the coupon(s).

When and Where are lucky draw winners announced on amzon?

Lucky draw winners are announced one day after the contest ends on the ‘Lucky Draw Winners’ section on the funzone page. to visit this page, simply search for ‘fun zone’ in the search bar or ask Alexa ‘Alexa, go to games!’ Alternately, winners also receive SMS or e-mail or notification when they win a lucky draw contest.

How can i claim my prize?

Click on the link received in the SMS/notification/e-mail to claim the prize and acknowledge ‘Terms and Conditions after reading them.

when will i receive the prize after Claiming ?

Winners will receive their prizes as per the ‘delivery date’ mentioned on the winner announcement page for every contest. Additionally, the delivery date is also mentioned in the terms and conditions for each game.

What are some of the best practices that i can follow to have a great game playing experience on amzon quiz?

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to have a great game playing experience on amazon:

  • Always log in from your own account to play a game.
  • Make sure your e-mail address and phone number are updated so that amazon can reach out to you when you win.
  • Please Update full address and phone number when you claim your prize. this helps amazon to ship your prizes faster and to the correct location.

How To Find The Amazon Quiz Today’s Questions?

You can find Today’s amazon quiz questions on Funzone. Type ‘funzone’ on the amazon search bar and click on the funzone and start playing the quiz. Once you will answer the first question automatically next questions will be displayed.

How To Submit Amazon Quiz Today Answers?

To Submit Todays Amazon Quiz Answers, You have to Download Amazon Mobile App from the Google play store and App Store and install it on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The amazon quiz is available on the amazon mobile App, this amazon quiz does not support on the amazon website.

Once the Amazon app is installed open it and log in with your Amazon account. If you don’t have an Amazon account simply create an amazon account by giving your mobile number or e-mail address.

After creating the account, log in to the amazon app and search for Quiz or FunZone in the search bar. In the search result click on FunZone and enter into the page where you will find Daily Quiz as well as all special quizzes running on Amazon. Click on Daily Quiz and start answering the questions. 

You will see 5 questions on the screen. Once all the questions are answered click submit at the end. now, you can submit Todays Amazon Quiz Answers.

Amazon Daily Quiz contest: terms and conditions

  1. If you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled to enter the lucky draw.
  2. The lucky draw will be carried out among participants who have answered all questions correctly.
  3. The draw of the lot will be carried out during the contest period and one winner will be selected for the prize mentioned during the contest.
  4. Each winner will be eligible for winning only one prize under the contest rules.
  5. Amazon might run a similar contest alongside daily quizzes and you will not be eligible for prizes or rewards mentioned in other contests. Each contest is treated as a separate entry.
  6. When you enter the contest, you consent to being placed on a mailing list for promotions and other materials from Amazon.
  7. In order to opt-out, you can change or update your email preferences.
  8. Participation in the contest is voluntary and by participating, you consent that it is not sponsored in any manner by Apple Inc.
  9. Amazon may change the T&Cs or cancel the contest at any time.
  10. The contest is also subject to force majeure circumstances including without limitation, floods, natural disasters, wars, acts of terror, political unrest, technical snags, the act of God or any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Amazon.
  11. By participating in the contest, you give consent to Amazon to use your name, likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance, photos, video recordings and the like made in relation to the contest or any promotions.
  12. Amazon will contact the winner by email or SMS. The name of the winner will also be posted on the website within 10 days.
  13. All the information shared in connection with the contest will be treated as per Amazon’s privacy notice.