Best treadmill for home use

Your search for a better treadmill ends here. No need to hop from shop to shop or browse through various shopping websites to get the best. You will get the best treadmill for home use. 

To burn all those calories and make yourself fit use these treadmill for home. These are available in Amazon at affordable prices with several payment options including interest-free EMIs. Grab them before it’s too late and let your fitness sessions be hassle-free and gives you the expected results in no time.

Following are the list of treadmill for home.

These are the best treadmill for home use that you can buy today:-

MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill – best treadmill 2021

best treadmill for home use

Specifications :-

  • Horse power :- 2 HP DC motor.
  • Display :- 5 inches LCD display.
  • Speed Range :- 1 to 14 km/hr.
  • Maximum user capacity :- 110 kgs.
  • Incline range :- 3 levels of mannual incline.
  • Dimensions :- 156.5 x 29 x 77 Centimeters.
  • Warranty :- 1-Year product and motor warranty.

This Electric Motorized Power Fitness Running Machine with crystal clear LCD display, and mobile phone holder is the perfect companion in your home catering to all your fitness needs. It’s a must have treadmill for home.

This 2.0 HP powered Maxpro PTM405 treadmill from Welcare with DC quite motor delivers more power for interval, speed, or endurance training including the 3-level manual incline for intense workout sessions.

With a 5″ blue LCD display, with hand pulse, time, speed, distance, calories display and 1 to 14 km/hr speed levels, different speed levels can be selected depending on the physical condition and exercise based.

This state-of-the art treadmill which is the best for home use weighs 110 kg with 12 pre-set programs for an efficient workout. Easily operatable built-in thumb sensors will help monitor the heart rate throughout the workout.

Additional features include the advanced mobile and tablet holder for safekeeping of smart devices with USB port, MP3 speakers to keep you engaged, and with an easily foldable soft drop hydraulic system that makes this treadmill more compact and sleek.

In addition, the multi-layered running belt reduces sudden shocks and the textured material offers optimum traction and makes it convenient to use without any compromise of its functionality.

Most importantly, don’t forget. This Maxpro PTM 405 comes with 1-year warranty for the product and motor and a lifetime warranty for the frame. And, installation is free and will be done by the authorized technician within 36 hrs and can also be done through video call assistance.

Buy this product at Amazon at the most competitive price and different payment options.

Sparnod Fitness STH-3000 Series – Best treadmill for home use

Best treadmill foe home use in India


  • Horse power :- 4 HP peak DC motor.
  • Speed Range :- 1 to 12 km/hr.
  • Maximum user capacity :- 110 kgs.
  • Dimensions :- 133.5 x 68.5 x 106.5 Centimeters.
  • Warranty :- 3-Year Motor Warranty and 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

Another amazing product to keep your fitness levels intact. The Sparnod Fitness STH-3000 Series (4 HP Peak) is a product that will be loved by all fitness freaks for its sleek and slim look. Not only this, the amazing features possessed by this treadmill make it the most opted one by all.

The foremost advantage of this treadmill is the space. Wherever you go, space becomes a constraint to buy appliances as they occupy the space in our home, making the maneuverability a bit difficult in less spaced houses. But this Under Desk Walking Pad can be tucked under the bed after using making it the less space occupying treadmill.

It had all the features of a treadmill with dual benefits, unlike the traditional treadmill. It’s a 2 in 1 treadmill which has two exercise modes that can be used both as a running treadmill as well as the under desk walking treadmill. When the treadmill riser is folded, it can be used as an under desk/walking pad treadmill. The speed of the running belt can be adjusted at your convenience depending on the mode you chose, to walk or run like in a normal treadmill.

The ultra-powerful 2.25 HP motor gives a whisper-free functioning with multi-layered shielding and reaches the top speed of 12 km. The 7-level soft large running belt and durable steel frame make this treadmill shock resistant and noise proof. 

The spacious walking area of 16 x 44 inch i.e., 400 mm x 1100 mm provides ample space to ensure free walking and running. It provides soft cushioning for the back, knees, ankles, and muscles which is another advantage of the Sparnord treadmill, the best treadmill for home use in India.

On the advantages front, it’s a pre-installed one, and no need for any assembly or to wait for the technician or someone to come and assemble. It can be plugged, and used in your comfort. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and 1 year on spares and labour warranty. 

With all these exciting features, all the fitness freaks, what are you waiting for, grab this one and let your day start on a befitting note with this most suitable treadmill for your home Sparnod Fitness STH-3000 Series (4 HP Peak) 2 in 1 Foldable Treadmill.

Sparnod fitness STH -3000 series is one of the Best treadmill 2021.

Buy it on Amazon at an affordable price with amazing offers and no-cost EMI options.

Fitkit FT200 (4.5HP Peak) DC-Motorised Treadmill – Best treadmill for home use in India

Best treadmills in India

Specifications :-

  • Horse power :- 4.5 HP peak DC motor.
  • Display :- LCD display.
  • Speed Range :- 1 to 16 km/hr.
  • Maximum user capacity :- 110 kgs.
  • Incline range :- auto incline level 15.
  • Dimensions :- 170 x 76 x 33 Centimeters.
  • Warranty :- 1 Year warranty on Motor and Manfacturing Defect.

If you are searching for the best treadmills in India, then this is the answer for you. Fitkit FT200 DC-Motorised Treadmill with a max speed of 16 km/h will solve all your fitness problems.

The Fitkit brand provides all fitness solutions and the most admirable among them is this FT200 treadmill that comes with a horde of functions.

With an auto inclination that can go to the level of 15, this treadmill comes with a belt size of 48.81″ X 16.53″ with a weight of 65 kg which can be considered as lightweight. But it can support weight up to 110 kg which is quite amazing and sturdy too in terms of performance.

Fitkit FT200 treadmill can be operated with ease and also comes with a lot of freebies to commensurate your fitness schedule. Live workout sessions from OneFitplus Studio and also earn health coins, one-year free subscription of Fitwarz which is an immersive fitness game that would be quite challenging, and a free diet and fitness plan for 3 months along with 1 doctor consultation and personal video training session are available on purchase of this treadmill. 

It’s a real bonanza for all fitness lovers who want the best treadmill for home use in India. 

1-year warranty on motor and manufacturing defects along with 3- year warranty on the frame makes it an exciting purchase to fulfill your fitness dreams.

Buy it on Amazon by using various payment options including the irresistible no-cost EMI offer.

Healthgenie 4112M, 6In1 Motorized Treadmill – treadmill for home

best treadmills for home use in India

Specifications :-

  • Horse power :- 4 HP peak DC motor.
  • Display :- 5 inches LCD display.
  • Speed Range :- 1 to 14 km/hr.
  • Maximum user capacity :- N/A.
  • Incline range :- 2 positions mannual incline.
  • Dimensions :- 158 x 74 x 32 Centimeters.
  • Warranty :- 1 year warranty on motor & other parts.

This is the highly recommended treadmill for home, complete body fitness solution pack available with massager, sit-ups, tummy twister, dumbbells, and resistant tubes. it is the best treadmill for home.

Powered with a 2.0 hp DC motor (4.0 hp at peak), Healthgenie 4112M is ideal for home use with a speed range of 1 to 14 km/hr.

5″ LCD display, 123.5 cms x 42 cms running surface, pulse monitor, and foldable design make this treadmill is the most suitable for home use. Must have treadmill for home

Healthgenie 4112M 6in1 motorized treadmill comes with a do-it-yourself simple installation procedure as it’s almost 90% preassembled and has only 3 pairs to be screwed. Tools and fittings are provided for hassle-free installation. Moreover, the installation video is available in the image tab and on the official YouTube channel of Healthgenie India Pvt. Ltd.

This classic treadmill comes with 12 month off-site warranty for motor and other parts and 3 years for the frame. The user can register for a warranty within 15 days of purchase of the product at the official website of Healthgenie.

This multicoloured user friendly Healthgenie 4112M 6 in 1 motorized treadmill is a must-buy for every fitness freak as it is compact, affordable, and quite efficient in functioning.

Durafit Strong 2.0 HP (4.0 HP Peak) DC Motorized Foldable Treadmill – best treadmill for home 2021

best treadmills for home use in India

Specifications :-

  • Horse power :- 4 HP peak DC motor.
  • Display :- LCD display.
  • Speed Range :- 1 to 14 km/hr.
  • Maximum user capacity :- 120 kgs.
  • Incline range :- 3 levels of mannual incline.
  • Dimensions :- 154.5 x 72.5 x 121 Centimeters.
  • Warranty :- 1 year Door step Warranty on parts, 3 years Door step warranty on Motor.

In the Best treadmills in India, another one that made its mark is Durafit Strong 2.0 HP DC motorized foldable treadmill with amazing features.

It’s ideal for small houses with big features as it can be folded with a vertical hydraulic folding system for easy moving and storing of the treadmill. Additionally, 100% silicon oil provided in the package ensures the smooth operation of this treadmill.

Wide LCD display with crystal clear display of time, speed, distance, calories, pulse rate with 24 preset programmes makes this Durafit treadmill one of its kind. 

You can listen to your favourite music during workouts on this adorable treadmill with an MP3 player with loudspeakers. The auxillary cable available in the package is useful in connecting your phones and iPods quite conveniently. 

The 2.0 HP continuous-duty DC motor with a peak output of 4.0 HP and a running area of 1260 x 440 mm provides ample space for free running on the surface.

In addition, Durafit strong treadmill is ideal for all age groups including retirees, diabetics, HIT users, sprinters, and marathon trainers suitable for regular daily use.

Featherlite portablity with extensive features, this Durafit Strong 2.0 HP motorized foldable treadmill is the most sought-after one and it’s the best treadmill in India.

Buy this product on Amazon and avail doorstep 3-year warranty and a host of other features that are intended at giving the best fitness results to you and your family members.

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