Best Soundbar Under 10000 | Best soundbar between 5000-10000 price range

Are you looking for the best Soundbar Under 10000? Look no further than this comprehensive review and buying guide.

If you are a music lover and prefer to listen to music with loudness, crispy treble, and crystal clear vocals but not on headphones, you should look for a soundbar.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy high-quality sound while listening to music, a soundbar is an excellent choice. It caters to different user needs and is budget-friendly.

In case you’re on a tight budget, here are some of the best soundbars you can get for under 10,000. Take a look!

Our Top Recommendations

RankBest SoundbarsTop Features
1.Zebronics Juke BarMax. Output: 240 Watts, 6.5-inch Subwoofer,  Multi Connectivity
2.JBL Cinema SB241Dolby Digital, 2.1 Channel, HDMI Arc, Max Output 110 Watts
3.Samsung Dolby Digital Bluetooth SoundbarDolby Digital, 2.1 Channel, Max Output: 40 Watts
4.Govo GoSurround 950Max Output: 280 Watt, 5.1 Channel, 6.5 Inch Subwoofer, 5 Equalizer Modes
5.boAt Aavante Bar 1500Max Output: 120 Watts, Multiple Connectivity Modes, Entertainment EQ Modes
best soundbars under 10000

So, there were the top suggestions for the best Soundbar under 10000 Rs. But if you want to dive deep into the review and find out how these would perform in real life, you can check out our comprehensive review below. But before that, have a look at our detailed buying guide!

What Should You Look for in a Soundbar Under 10,000?

Finding a best soundbar under 10000 might feel like a jungle safari with so many choices out there! But hey, let’s keep it simple and fun. Think of your Soundbar as the friendly voice of your TV – it needs to speak clearly (good sound quality) and be pleasant (nice design).

A soundbar that plays nice treble (the high notes) and deep bass (those boom-boom sounds) makes movies and songs come alive!

Choose one that fits nicely under your TV – not too big, not too tiny.

Also, make sure it can easily connect to your TV and other gadgets – look for terms like HDMI and Bluetooth.

And don’t forget to peek at what other buyers are saying online. Also, stick with a brand you’ve heard of, as they’re usually the ones who’ll help out if something goes wrong with your Soundbar.

1. Zebronics Juke Bar

best soundbar under 10000 in india

Main Highlights:

Maximum Output: 240 Watts
Channel Surround Sound: 5.1
✪ Compatibility: Android, iOS, Laptop, TV, and more
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Connectivity Options: USB, Aux, HDMI Arc,
✪ Weight: 5.9 Kg
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If you are looking for the best Soundbar under 10,000, then the Zebronics Juke Bar is your best bet. This Soundbar will give you an immersive, real-life experience of movies and music.

This soundbar comes with a virtual 5.1 effect, rendering it the finest option for streaming music and watching movies, etc… The purpose of this virtual 5.1 effect is to boost the stereo left and right channels to produce a surround sound effect.

The Soundbar has a maximum output of 240 watts, which is combined with a 5.1 sound channel to deliver you the sound you need.

The soundbars that are equipped with RGB LED lights can help you create the ideal party atmosphere at home. With the aid of a remote control, you can adjust and modify these lights as desired. An LED Display is used to indicate the soundbar’s control indication and operating mode.

Plus, it has multiple connectivity options to help you connect it with multiple devices and gadgets you may have. However, the bar is a bit on the heavier side, due to which it takes slightly more space than other soundbars on the list.


  • Massive output for big sound experiences.
  • Versatile connectivity includes HDMI Arc.
  • The 5.1 channel brings cinematic vibes home.
  • Friendly with a wide range of devices.


  • It might be a bit heavy for wall mounting.

2. JBL Cinema SB241

JBL soundbar under 10000

Main Highlights:

Maximum Output: 110 Watts
Channel Surround Sound: 2.1
✪ Compatibility: Android, iOS, Laptop, TV, and more
Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, Optical, and HDMI
✪ Weight: 4.3 Kg
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Another good option under the 10,000 rupees price bracket is JBL Cinema SB241. We don’t have to tell you about this brand, as the name speaks about the brand and quality.

 Cinema SB241 delivers 110 Watt of powerful sound from two full range drivers. Also the wired subwoofer provide that extra deep bass to boost your listening experience of the Movies and Music entertainments

Stream music from your Mobile or Tablet via Bluetooth Connectivity. HDMI ARC & Optical connection allows versatile setup options providing an ease to user accessibility

This soundbar comes with just 62mm height that can be placed under your TV, fits any home environment and won’t block your TV’s bottom edge

While it is not the loudest Soundbar on our list, it is certainly one of the most reliable ones with good sound quality for a small room.


  • Trustworthy brand with known sound quality.
  • Reasonable weight
  • HDMI connectivity offers quality sound
  • Sleek design


  • Due to lower wattage, the sound isn’t as immersive as other soundbars

3. Samsung Dolby Digital Bluetooth Soundbar

best sooundbar under 5000 - 10000

Main Highlights:

Maximum Output: 150 Watts
Channel Surround Sound: 2.1
✪ Compatibility: Android, iOS, Laptop, TV, and more
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Connectivity Options: Optical, Bluetooth, USB, NFC, and Remote Control
✪ Weight: 1.5 Kg
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The Samsung Dolby Digital Soundbar is another reliable soundbar that you can place your bet on. This Soundbar assists you in boosting the sound to get you an immersive experience.

The sound output of the speaker is not the best, but decent enough to save your space. With multiple connectivity options and a handy remote control, this Soundbar is a subtle option.


  • Lightweight and easy to place
  • Reputable brand with reliable customer support
  • NFC support
  • Remote control adds up as extra convenience


  • 2.1 channel might lack full spatial sound
  • The lightweight may affect the depth of sound

4. Govo GoSurround 950

best soundbar in india

Main Highlights:

Maximum Output: 280 Watts
Channel Surround Sound: 5.1
✪ Compatibility: Android, iOS, Laptop, TV, and more
Bluetooth Version: 5.3
Connectivity Options: Bluetooth, USB, Aux, Optical, and HDMI Arc
✪ Weight: 7.42 Kg
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If you are looking to make a bold move with the highest sound output under 10,000, then Govo GoSurround 950 is the best option for you.

With 5.1 channel surround sound and 280-watt output, the Govo 950 soundbar is the most robust option.Get the acoustic experience to the next level with the most stylish LED lights in the GOVO’s signature color

it has 5 Equalizer Modes Switch through Movie, News, Music & 3D modes, and enjoy your home cinema experience


  • A powerhouse of sound with 280W output.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • 5.1 channel provides a movie theatre feel at home.
  • The latest Bluetooth version ensures fast pairing.


  • Not easy to mount on the walls
  • Not a widely recognized brand

5.boAt Aavante Bar 1500

soundbars under 10000

Main Highlights:

Maximum Output: 120 Watts
Channel Surround Sound: 2.1
✪ Compatibility: Android, iOS, Laptop, TV, and more
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Connectivity Options: USB, Optic, and Aux
✪ Weight: 8.3 Kg
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Ranking last on the best Soundbar under the 10000 list is the boAt Aavante bar 1500 with 120 watts of output and 2.1 channel surround. This Soundbar is one of the best choices you can make under 10,000.

The boAt AAVANTE bar comes with 120 watt RMS sound with a bassful subwoofer. The sound output feels real, thrilling bass provided by the 60Watt Subwoofer. Upgrade your music listening experience with the boAt Aavante Bar with down-firing subwoofer which provides bold sound to any seat in the room, giving you an audio experience you can truly hear and feel.

The boAt Aavante Bar boasts of a sleek design with a premium finish to complement the furnishings in your home.

 The 2.1 Channel Surround sound in the boAt Aavante Bar provides with a rather cinematic experience, and enhances the way you experience entertainment at home and in the cinema by creating the optimal environment for all of your favourite content

The sound bar utilizes high end equalizer technology to optimize the sound output according to your source of entertainment and audio needs. There’s news, movies, music and 3D modes to create the most appropriate sound profile for the best viewing experience.


  • Respectable 120W output
  • Known brand in the budget audio sector
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • 2.1 channel provides decent surround sound


  • Weight can be an issue for some setups


So, there is everything you need to know about the best Soundbar under 10000. While the Zebronics soundbar tops the chart, our personal favorite Soundbar on this list is Govo GoSurround.

Regardless of which Soundbar you choose, you won’t regret your purchase.

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