Best Fastrack watches for women below 1500

If you are searching for the best Fastrack watches for women below 1500, you are in the right place. Yes, we have created this article to help you find the best watches that match your needs and pricing. 

Stay till the end because We have listed the top 9 best Fastrack watches for women under 1500. 

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Top 9 best Fastrack watches for women 

1. Fastrack loopholes Analog silver dial women’s watch

Best Fastrack watches for women below 1500

This Fastrack watch offers you a full leather strap coloured in blue. The blue colour of the belt makes it more beautiful, and also blue colour matches every skin colour. 

The special feature is water-resistant, and you can easily swim with the watch in hand without any problem.

  • The durability of the strap is good.
  • Fastrack branding inside the mirror gives it a premium look.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • Water-resistant.
  • The rotation button is a bit low quality. But it can be managed. 

2. Fastrack Monochrome Analog Red Dial Women’s Watch 

fastrack womens watches

This Fast-track watch comes in red colour, giving your hand a fantastic look. 

While talking about the strap, it feels very stylish after wearing it in your hand. The body of this watch comes in a round shape with brass material. 

  • It looks very stylish
  • It is suitable for both kids and women. 
  • Water-resistance upto 30 meters depths.
  • Strap quality is a bit low 

3. Fastrack Tropical Fruits Analog White Dial Women’s Watch 

Women’s watches under 1500

Suppose you are looking for a chain watch, then this watch is specially designed for you because it comes with a beautiful chain that makes it classic. When compared with a belt watch. 

The wait for this watch is a bit heavy. So if you are a person who likes heavy-weight watches, it is only for you. 

The shape of the watch is round, suitable for women, and it also looks very stylish. 

  • It comes with a white chain. 
  • It comes with a classy look. 
  • Water-resistance upto 30 meters
  • Low-quality chain.

4. Fastrack Beach Upgrades Analog White Dial Women’s Watch 

Fastrack watches for womens under 1500

If your favourite colour is pink, then this watch can be your best choice. It comes with the Fastrack brand. 

This Fast-track watch offers you a pink colour band that looks very beautiful. Also, it is a round-shaped watch which adds more beauty to it. 

  • The band of this watch is very durable and has a good looking design. 
  • It comes with an analog display.
  • 30 meters water-resistant. 
  • It is a bit heavy. 

5. Fastrack Trendies Analog Black Dial Women’s Watch.

fastrack watches for women

The colour of this Fast-track watch is black with a complete black chain, which looks very attractive. If you are a person who loves to wear a black chain watch, it is the perfect choice for you.

Today, most people forget to remove their watch while it’s raining or bathing. If you are one of them, then this watch is for you. 

  • It comes with a beautiful black color chain. 
  • The chain quality is excellent. 
  • The display of this watch looks good. 
  • The quality of color is poor. It can be removed after using it for 4-5 months. 

6. Fastrack Sunburn Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watches under 1500.

Fastrack watches for womens under 1500

We have included this watch in our list because of its inner dotted design that makes it good-looking and very fancy. 

It is suitable for kids and women. This also comes with a leather belt with blue colour. 

While talking about the upper body, it comes with stainless steel that increases the durability of this watch. 

  • It offers you a stainless steel body. 
  • Blue color leather belt.
  • The inner dotted design makes it more attractive. 
  • Not water resistance.

7. Fastrack Analog White women’s Watch.

Best fastrack watches for womens below 1500

This is also a watch with a pink colour belt—and stainless steel body that looks very stylish and attractive.

Having water resistance features is very important. Because today, so many people forget to remove their watch before washing their hands or in the rain. So water resistance makes the watch safe with water. 

  • This watch is water-resistant. 
  • The body of this watch is made of stainless steel. 
  • It comes with a pink strap.
  • It is a light pink color which can be dusted after some days. 

8. Fastrack Analog Dial Women’s Watch.

If you want a simple and stylish-looking watch, it can be your perfect choice. This Fast-track watch has a white chain with a pink inner body that gives it a unique design. 

This watch is suited for any outfit, college dress or party dress.

  • It is a water-resistance of upto 30 meters. 
  • White silver, and pink combinations add beauty to this watch. 
  • Very durable body. 
  • The rotating dial is a bit weak.

9. Fastrack Fundamentals Analog White Dial Women’s Watch.

womens watches under 1500

This Fast-track is also the same as the first one in our list, but it comes with a purple colour band which is also good-looking. 

While talking about diel, it is also easy to understand and comes with white colour best Fastrack watches for women below 1500, which looks very attractive.

  • It comes with a purple color band. 
  • Water-resistant 30 meters.
  • White diel. 
  • It is not for kids. 


So these are the top 9 best watches for women we have selected for you. According to my research, these are the best watches for women under 2,000 Rs in the market. We consider all the factors that we should consider before choosing a watch, and the elements are.

  • Budget.
  • Color.
  • Body material.
  • Weight.
  • Water resistance.
  • Belt quality.

So these are some factors we keep in mind before choosing this watch for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Fastrack a good brand?

Yes, Fastrack comes under the most popular brands in the watch. 

Does FastTrack provide good quality products?

Yes, Fastrack provides good quality products when compared with other brands.

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